“What I like about it, is its femininity. Its success was due to a mix of a very controlled industrial process and a certain softness, particularly in the curved back rest.”
Bethan Laura Wood
“What we like about it, is the honesty of the design. The material has been used wisely; the connections between the various composing elements are simple, almost raw. More than an icon, it is a wonderful piece which will play a role in people’s lives for a long time.”
“I used to sit on an “Chaise A” for a long time! To me, it is a convivial and reliable manufactured object. It’s always just enough, never too much – a tranquil presence. Like a good screwdriver or a pair of scissors, a tool you always need.”
Giulio Ridolfo
“It’s part of our daily environment. I like the balance between something rather raw in its material and manufacturing process but also very amicable in the roundness of its volumes. There is a slightly clumsy aspect to the chair which is part of its personality and makes it very endearing.”
Julie Richoz
“The chair’s beauty and significance are due to its industrial aesthetics and resulting intrinsic poetry. The evident simplicity of this chair is the outcome of the underlying production process and the tools used.”
Konstantin Grcic
“It’s a fine example of how to use metal elegantly. The metal sheets are embossed and folded to become a very robust rigid construction. I am a fan of its timelessness.”
Lex Pott
“I remember a trip to France with my parents more than 20 years ago when, sitting in Tolix “Chaise A”s on a café terrace, we were drinking Orangina and eating crepes! The “Chaise A” is such a classical, sophisticated and well-designed seat – it’s a natural part of our environment.”
Sebastian Herkner
“The “Chaise A” is a design icon which has survived different trends for nearly 80 years. The Veuve Clicquot House has always been tied to prominent design names to enrich their creativity: de facto, the association of both brands was evident.”
Julien Ceder