Julie Richoz

“On the first look, the Tolix “Chaise A” is very far from a decorated and painted wooden chair. Although, it immediately reminded me of a wooden chair I had bought at a flea market when I was seventeen. I loved it because of its bold colours. Each detail, each volume was underlined by a colour. Even if the “Chaise A” evokes another imagery, it nevertheless carries a certain type of decoration deeply related to its production. The sheet metal embossed for strength, the perforated seat to let the water flow, the numerous visible welds… All these little marks tell the story of its making and decorate the chair– composing its personality. These are the elements I painted by hand. And as the chair has a volume and not just a surface like a carpet, its décor becomes dynamic. This gave me the opportunity to evoke the popular art of “customization” of an object. And because it’s for an anniversary, my colour palette is vivid and festive!”

Julie Richoz, born in 1990, graduated from the Ecole Cantonale d’Art (Ecal) de Lausanne. The Swiss-French designer started her career as project assistant to French designer Pierre Charpin. In 2012, she opened her design studio in Paris, where with inquisitiveness and sensitivity she enjoys developing her own “language” through objects, such as vessels, vases or lamps. Richoz won the Grand Prix of the Design Parade 2012 at the Villa Noailles. She was a designer-in-resident at Sèvres, Cité de la céramique, as well as at CIRVA, international research center on arts and glass, Marseille, where she was given the chance to explore the materials and the savoir-faire behind them. The results of the residencies as well as a lamp developed with the support of Galerie kreo, Paris, were exhibited at a touring solo show at Design Parade 8 in Hyères, at imm cologne, Germany, and at the Paris Designer’s Days. In addition to her gallery work, she collaborates with companies such as Alessi and Artecnica.